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Cold Room for Fish [Sea Food] / Meat [Non-veg] Industry

We supply Cold Room for Fish /Meat Industry in Mumbai, Thane and around Maharashtra.

Any fresh fish or sea food needs very strict storage requirement as there is a high risk of rapid bacterial growth which can waste the storage. The main requirement is keeping temperature close to -2 oC also it needs to keep separate from all other type of food stored. Fish / sea food which needs to be imported or need to travelled a long distance normally been kept cold using gel packs or coolers, once arrived it needs to be kept in to cold storage as soon as possible at the correct temperature till the use. It means you need a cold room which can maintain appropriate temperature of -2 oC for fish. To prevent contact with any other food product fish needs its own dedicated space. This can be done by creating dedicated fish cabinet in cold room or self contained storage space within regular cold room storage.

Cold Room for Meat storage

Cold Room for Meat storage has very specific requirement. Packed fresh meat needs temperature almost similar to what fish cold room storage need, but if you want to hang meat for long period temperature needs to be maintained around -5 oC or below, our cold room can provide these temperature needs. Similarly meat product is also needs to be kept separate from other food items.